What is Conversational Commerce?
October 7, 2022

What is Conversational Commerce?

Simply put, conversational commerce, is online shopping that’s conducted in a more personal way - by putting an actual human back in the online shopping experience.

In an conversational commerce model, shoppers connect directly with product experts who answer questions, make recommendations, and ensure exceptional user experiences at scale, creating the first new online retail sales channel in twenty years.

Conversational commerce is highly personalized, democratizes the concierge experience for online shoppers, drives brand loyalty and scales 1:1 relationships with real people and your customers.

Humankind is that digital concierge tool that uses conversational commerce as a game-changing tool for e-commerce by connecting a brand’s product experts with online shoppers to create personalized recommendations and lasting relationships. Instead of having to shop and search for what you need on your own, you can share your preferences with a product expert – not a customer service rep – who will tailor and customize product recommendations for you in both the short-term and in the future. In other words, you share your preferences and needs, and the expert finds the perfect products.

The shopper gets a VIP experience. The retailer gets a new way to really innovate against the old e-commerce playbook and drive meaningful revenue while exponentially improving everything from brand loyalty to LTV.  Humankind is using this technology for the benefit of the customer and that experience is the primary goal.  

With Humankind’s h-commerce, that first sale is just the beginning.  Your brand will continue to see sales based on that human connection, solidifying brand loyalty and setting you apart from your competitors and sites like Amazon with something as easy as being able to text your brand’s experts.

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About Annie Bogigian Keller:

Starting her career in media, Annie excelled at leading marketing campaigns for local radio and TV companies. After moving to the Bay Area, she transitioned her skills and passion for marketing over to the B2B SaaS sector where she garnered even more experience and knowledge as one does working in startups in Silicon Valley.

When she's not busy marketing, Annie enjoys gardening after getting her Master Gardener certificate from Purdue University in 2019. She's passionate about rescuing dogs and adores her two rescue pups, Lemmy and Milton.

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