Creating Scalable eCommerce Personalization with Clienteling
November 10, 2023

Creating Scalable eCommerce Personalization with Clienteling

Consumers Expect Tailored Experiences

We’re all tired of one-size-fits-all experiences - and your shoppers are no different. Whether they’re shopping for clothes, home goods, beauty products or even sports equipment, customers are looking to engage with brands that make them feel seen, heard, and understood.

The challenge? Delivering these personalized experiences customers want so much, in a way that is both effective and scalable.

The Data Dilemma

Data - we all have piles of it, but do we have the right kind? Our ability to deliver personalized eCommerce experiences is highly dependent on data, but basic demographic details just won’t cut it when customer expectations are so high. 

One solution? Leveraging 1:1 clienteling conversations via SMS helps brands gather truly valuable insights about customers' goals and preferences. This data can then be used to deliver relevant product recommendations and tailored shopping experiences, driving higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Building Trust and Loyalty

46% of US consumers say they will spend more with brands they trust (Salsify).

Establishing trustworthiness as a brand takes time, but connecting 1:1 with your customers is a great way to accelerate the process. By providing human-powered personalized shopping assistance through SMS, brands can establish meaningful - and memorable - connections with customers. 

There’s definitely a use case for leveraging AI-chatbots, but humans provide a personal touch that automated chatbots simply can’t replicate. We may still be a long way off from AI knowing what neckline will flatter a customer’s body type, what home fragrance a gourmand-lover would enjoy in the spring, or what shade of blush would suit a dark winter color season. In the meantime, real human experts can solve all of these problems and more!

Customers feel heard, understood, and valued when they receive expert guidance from a real person who takes the time to understand them and what they’re looking for. This level of personalized service enhances the customer experience and fosters long-term loyalty, helping brands transform casual shoppers into enthusiastic brand cheerleaders.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Using clienteling programs, like Humankind, allows brands to engage with customers in real-time, creating a seamlessly interactive shopping experience that shoppers love! CSAT scores for Humankind assisted shoppers land at an impressive 4.94. This makes sense, considering that 82% of consumers say they prefer to interact with real people (as opposed to automated bots) even as technology improves (PWC).

Through SMS, brands can connect their helpful experts with customers to provide curated product recommendations, helping customers discover best-fit products to meet their needs. This two-way communication not only helps customers confidently “add to cart,” but also builds a sense of trust. By actively engaging with customers, brands can establish themselves as reliable and customer-centric, strengthening the bond between the brand and the customer.

Driving Sales and Conversion

Personalized experiences have a direct impact on sales and conversion rates. When customers receive tailored product recommendations and personalized assistance, they spend more, return sooner for a second purchase, and make more frequent subsequent purchases. 

Conversational commerce allows brands to act as a helpful guide to customers as they shop - just like a great in-store associate would be able to do. By empowering brand experts to offer shoppers a curated collection of products selected just for them, brands can increase the chances of conversion and ultimately drive higher sales.

Personalization is Table Stakes

Consumers increasingly want personalized experiences when shopping online. Brands that fail to deliver on this expectation will risk falling behind in today's eCommerce landscape. 

Humankind's clienteling solution allows eCommerce brands to build personal and meaningful connections with their customers at scale. By providing expert human-powered personalized shopping assistance, brands can build trust, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately drive sales and conversion.

Ready to see how your brand can ace personalization, improve important KPIs for your business, and win customer loyalty? Connect with Humankind today to kick off your eCommerce clienteling program.

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