Embrace the Human Side of Commerce

Democratize the concierge experience and bring humanity back into commerce through 1:1 text-based relationships between shoppers and experts.

1:1 Conversations with Humans

Reach exponentially more customers with half the effort while driving entirely new streams of revenue.
  • Messaging platform to manage hundreds of conversations
  • Quick responses with built-in AI and natural language processing
  • Convenient SMS-based messaging
  • Digital concierge experience

Personalized Recommendations with Custom Landing Pages

Delight, convert, and retain customers through hyper-personalized expert recommendations delivered via custom landing pages unique to each shopper.
  • Drag and drop custom landing pages
  • Product repository for quicker recommendations
  • Algorithm-based product matching for cross- and up-selling

Re-engagement, Retention, and Revenue Growth

Engage customers throughout their entire buying journey — then re-engage and retain them with offers, reminders, and recommendations that drive additional revenue.
  • Marketing automation and workflow capabilities
  • Customer segmentation based on engagement data, lifecycle stage, LTV, and more
  • Customer analytics and reporting

Rich Customer Data and Preferences

Gather insightful information about shoppers through surveys and quizzes — then increase conversion rates with hyper-personalized product recommendations.
  • Custom onboarding surveys and quizzes
  • Media sharing between expert and shopper
  • Easy access to historical customer data, notes, and media

Integrate with Tools You Already Use

Humankind allows us to connect on a much deeper level with our customers while increasing sales and amplifying the online experience. It’s a no-brainer.

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