Our Story

The Humans Behind Humankind

Humankind didn’t start as a platform, but as an idea at a DTC skincare business that leveraged a bespoke, human-focused commerce (H-Commerce) platform to provide personalized, 1:1 experiences. Shoppers connected with experts — estheticians, in this case — and received personalized skincare regimens. The results? Thousands of five-star reviews, happy customers, and the best feedback our e-Commerce veterans and founders have ever seen in over 20 years in the industry.

The idea was too good to keep under wraps. So, Humankind was born — a platform for retailers that embraces H-Commerce, democratizes the concierge experience for online shoppers, connects people with real product experts, and delights customers across their entire buying journey.

Better experiences, happier customers, and incredible outcomes.

Over 35 Combined Years of E-Commerce Experience at Companies Like

Backed by the Best

Humankind launched out of High Alpha, a venture studio led by ExactTarget (acquired by Salesforce for $2.5B) leadership. We're funded by top e-commerce marketing investors, and are laser-focused on building innovative software just for you.

Our Values

No Bullies Allowed

Be nice, all the time. Be respectful. Be a team player.

Disagree and Commit

While we encourage healthy debates, we also have to make hard decisions and move on. Once those decisions are made, we all need to get 100% behind them and support them to the fullest.  

Leave Politics at the Door

As an extension of Disagree and Commit, we do not tolerate office politics, taking sides, creating disharmony. Period.

You Get Paid for Your Opinions

We want people with perspectives and experience.  No matter what level you are in the organization, we want you to have a voice and we want to hear it.

Healthy Debates are Encouraged

We’re a startup. In order to build the best product and company possible, we encourage healthy debates, disagreements, and pressure-testing our thoughts. We strongly encourage exploring novel and contrarian ideas.
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