Virtual Concierge for eCommerce: Maximizing Revenue Through Personalized Customer Experiences
April 26, 2023

Virtual Concierge for eCommerce: Maximizing Revenue Through Personalized Customer Experiences

Traditionally, the term "concierge" was used to describe a person who provided personalized services to customers, such as helping them with shopping, dining, travel, and entertainment. The concierge provided an excellent customer service experience that was far superior to that of a traditional sales representative owing to their dual capacity as both consultants and personal assistants. Since the concierge wasn't paid on commission when a sale was made, they were trusted to be a helpful resource, and give honest advice, feedback, and recommendations, free from any vested interests.

With today's advances in technology, online stores are now able to offer this same personalized service through a virtual concierge system. Like an online chat or help desk, a virtual concierge e-commerce platform combines the knowledge of an expert, the personalized customer service of a live person, and the convenience of an online experience. This presents a best-of-all-worlds scenario allowing customers to do product research, have simple questions answered, and get their needs met from the comfort of their own homes or the convenience of access from mobile devices.

Humankind's virtual concierge software takes the concept of personalized experience to a whole new level by connecting customers with virtual concierges that can actually do the research for them. For example, are you in need of skincare that's free of parabens but don't have the time to browse an entire website to find one? We've got you covered. With this technology, shoppers no longer have to worry about being overwhelmed or unsure when making decisions - they know that their purchases are backed up by industry professionals! - which is why virtual concierge tools are becoming increasingly popular with brands, online retailers, and especially e-commerce stores.

As the human touch returns to technology, the eCommerce concierge is a connected solution that can make life much easier for customers by allowing them to shop online and receive personalized assistance from an educated individual who has experience with the retailer's product and can provide excellent advice. A great example of this is Taylormade. A virtual concierge service like Humankind allows organizations like Taylormade golf products to revolutionize the shopping experience for their customers. We'll talk about this a bit later in the article but by introducing a virtual concierge, Taylormade is able to answer any specific product-related questions that are unique to each individual golfer and their needs.

Through a virtual concierge eCommerce experience, retailers can deliver a personal touch to customers’ shopping on their site and reduce the amount of time spent researching products, placing orders, and addressing customer service inquiries. This allows for a more enjoyable and efficient online shopping experience that encourages repeat customers as well as new ones and lowers cart abandonment rates.

Virtual Concierge Software for Online Retailers

Often used interchangeably, a digital concierge and a virtual concierge are actually very different things. A "digital concierge" is a service that can be delivered through an automated chatbot. This type of software is able to answer general queries and pre-programmed questions.

You've probably interacted with a digital concierge service the last time you checked into a hotel. These pre-programmed services are designed to provide hotel guests with information about the facilities, answer general questions, and guide patrons to amenities at their chosen accommodation.

Conversely, a "virtual concierge" is a consultation that's typically delivered by an educated human professional, remotely. For instance, a customer may go to and ask; "which golf club shaft would be best for a 63-year-old, female golfer, who's 5'10" and has an 18 handicap?" Instead of confusing a chatbot with details like this that it doesn't know how to process, an expert can answer this type of question quickly and accurately.

This is where virtual concierge software like Humankind comes in. The software can be used to create an enhanced customer experience by connecting real human experts with customers, while also reducing friction and wait times associated with traditional customer service channels. As you can imagine, with patience levels at an all-time low, and distraction at an all-time high, this type of software is an invaluable tool for eCommerce businesses that want to take their customer service capabilities and revenue to the next level.

Let's look at another quick example. Hypothetically you're a wine enthusiast, who loves Pinot Grigios which need to be chilled at a certain temperature for optimum taste. You're a subscriber of Wine Enthusiast Magazine and in the recent issue, you saw a wine cooler with a wood grain door that perfectly matches your kitchen cabinets and decor.

With a virtual concierge service like Humankind, you can visit the magazine's online store and ask a virtual concierge for product recommendations. The concierge will ask you questions about the type of wine cooler you're looking for, bottle count, your budget, kitchen decor, etc., and provide personalized feedback, including direct links to the product you saw in the magazine. Then, the virtual concierge can seamlessly add the desired item to your cart for you so that you're just one click away from completing the checkout process.

Overall, integrating a virtual concierge platform into your eCommerce store allows for a quick resolution to any customer request. It eliminates mindless scrolling and gives you the ability to connect consumers with personalized assistance from knowledgeable human professionals. This type of software is invaluable for eCommerce businesses that want to create a unique shopping experience that encourages repeat customers, upsell opportunities, and lower cart abandonment rates.

How to Select the Right Virtual Concierge Platform

Let's face it, we live in a noisy world. People who come to our websites to research products, compare features, and address any questions that they may have are constantly being bombarded with ads, pop-ups, and generally unhelpful content that's begging for their attention- and delivering overwhelming amounts of information. It can be hard for them to find the specific answers they're looking for before completing a purchase, so they leave your website without buying anything. This "bounce" or cart abandonment costs you valuable resources, lost sales, and a decrease in customer satisfaction.

Humankind's Virtual Concierge Platform provides an answer to this problem. Our platform creates an engaging connection between your website visitors and knowledgeable human professionals who can provide them with the answers they need. Virtual concierge and the concept of clienteling is a completely new way of delivering value to shoppers in the internet age. It's shifting the engagement level of website traffic from browsers with a high bounce rate, to actively engaged users who can quickly resolve any of their questions or issues, which increases the likelihood of them making a purchase.

In fact, the data that we've pulled from more than 1 million customer interactions shows that Humankind's platform increases CVRs (conversion rates) by more than 27% on average (27.2% to be exact). This makes perfect sense if you stop and think about how the world has shifted since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. Humans have been so isolated over the last couple of years that they're craving a more human experience.

In a recent study, PwC showed that 82% of consumers wanted their interactions with brands to offer more individual help, human interaction, and personalized communication - exactly what virtual concierges and platforms like Humankind provide.

When it comes to selecting the right virtual concierge platform for your eCommerce business, there are several factors you should consider before moving forward:

  • Professional help: Does the virtual concierge system give you access to real industry professionals and experts who can give your prospects and customers a white-glove experience?
  • Ease of integration: You want a platform that integrates quickly and seamlessly with your existing website so that customers can get an immediate response to their questions.
  • Training and support: The platform should have a robust training system in place so that you can ensure your agents are knowledgeable and able to provide a seamless experience for your customers.
  • Reaction time: This is one of the most important metrics to consider. The response time of the virtual concierge should be fast, as customers expect an immediate answer to their questions.
  • Cost: This is a big factor for most businesses as inflation and ad costs increase. Does the virtual concierge platform you're considering increase CVRs, lower your bounce rate, and help you spend more efficiently on ads? Keep in mind that a high bounce rate could be costing your organization thousands in lost revenues each month, so the costs of the platform can quickly be recouped.
  • Analytics: Does the platform offer extensive analytics so that you can measure ROI and make real-time decisions on your strategies?

These are just a few of the factors you should consider when selecting a virtual concierge platform for your eCommerce business. With the right platform in place, you can quickly increase CVRs, reduce bounce rates, and ultimately make more sales with less ad spend - and Humankind's virtual concierge platform is a great choice for any eCommerce business looking to provide their customers with onsite amenities and an engaging experience that will keep them coming back time and again.

If you're currently experiencing a high bounce rate, high ad costs, and low CVRs, maybe it's time to try a virtual concierge platform. Schedule a demo to chat with someone from our team and see how Humankind can help you make eCommerce human again.

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