Unlock the Power of 24/7 Assistance with SMS Concierge
May 1, 2023

Unlock the Power of 24/7 Assistance with SMS Concierge

A Concierge is a personal resource, someone who provides recommendations on everything from high-end shopping to hotel accommodations and travel plans - a concierge could book concert tickets or reserve tables at the finest restaurants, whatever their clients request.

However, throughout history, a concierge was only available to the bourgeoisie, or upper crust of society - individuals who traveled for business or pleasure to high-end hotels and resorts around the globe.

Today, thanks to innovative technology, the concierge experience is available to everyone with a simple text message! SMS Concierge services are popping up around the world and giving users an unprecedented level of access to personalized, round-the-clock assistance. With these services, an individual can simply send a text request for reservations, tickets, or shopping recommendations and receive professional help.

With SMS Concierge, you no longer need to search through countless links on websites, sift through reviews to find answers, or wait on hold for hours with customer service. 

SMS concierge solutions like Humankind allow your customers to start their buying journey on your website or eCommerce store and continue from their mobile device anywhere, at their convenience.

What Is Text Concierge?

Text (or) SMS Concierge is a new customer experience tool that allows your customers the freedom of engaging with your brand representatives and product experts from the convenience of their mobile phone, in real-time.

With text Concierge, customers can ask questions about your products or services, see product reviews, or even request customized shopping recommendations and receive an immediate response from one of your experts who can provide answers to their queries and help guide them through a personalized shopping experience.

A personal concierge can support 20+ conversations at a time and provide assistance to your customers the very same way that they would if they'd just texted a friend. 

The SMS concierge helps customers to make decisions faster and with more confidence.

Until recently, this shopping ecosystem was a bit "clunky," and took quite a few steps, and a bit of effort, but with today's conversational commerce solutions like Humankind, the transition is seamless.

Is SMS Marketing Legal?

Yes, text-based marketing has been legalized - but there are still laws you must comply with. Cold-text-based marketing is still illegal and before doing any form of text marketing you should consult the FCCs regulations, especially the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and your company's legal team to ensure that you're not in violation of any laws.

This is where we need to make a distinction.

SMS concierge is not considered cold-texting, in fact, it's customer-requested help that leads to a better shopping experience. The customer initiates the conversation on the website and then moves it to SMS as they go mobile. Making it more convenient for people on the go!

The Benefits Of SMS Concierge

When was the last time you made an impulsive buy? Chances are, it's few and far between. I know my recent 10 purchases were all highly-researched decisions.

Usually, it starts with seeing a product, which leads to a ton of research, reading reviews, and considering the other options available to me. By the time I've reached the last step of the purchase funnel and placed the item in my cart, I know it's what I want. This is known as a high-consideration purchase process and as inflation increases the price of everything we buy, more items are added to this list.

With SMS concierge, you can shorten that customer journey to just a few steps. A concierge can engage the customer and provide the same level of service that they'd get in-store, but with the added convenience of being on a mobile device in their pajamas.

With response times of less than two minutes, a customer is more engaged and can make buying decisions faster than if they were doing all the research themselves - and the concierge can place the item directly in their cart, so if they get distracted, they can come back to the buying journey teed up to make the purchase.

SMS concierge is especially good for busy parents, professionals, or people on the go since it doesn't require someone to be in front of a computer.

At the end of the day, you get more engaged customers and more sales - what's not to love? You may be surprised by how much happier your customers are with their shopping experience and how much better it reflects on your brand image.

Personalized One-to-one Conversations With Customers At Scale

Humankind allows you to provide a 1:1 human connection to your shoppers through a virtual concierge app. By integrating our conversational commerce software into your online store, you can build lasting connections and drive sales through the customer life cycle.

This allows you to create real relationships with your customers and build loyalty to your brand by making customized offers, delivering on brand messaging, showcasing product details, and handling customer inquiries through text messages even after a shopper has left your site.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Think back to the last time you purchased a skincare product. Did you make an impulse buy or did you research the product and make an informed purchase decision? Chances are, it's a high-consideration buy since it incorporates both physical and emotional components that require research.

With Humankind’s SMS concierge, you can provide personalized consultation to help shoppers select the right products for their skin, health, style, and needs. 

Customers like REN Skincare use Humankind's conversational commerce platform to develop their internal concierge team and provide training for their external product experts.

From greeting names to personalized offers, transform incoming shoppers into loyal customers with personalized support. An attentive virtual concierge can utilize our powerful concierge software to create real human connections throughout the full customer journey and improve the buying experience.

Drive Revenue

When you've created excellent shopping experiences it's easy to drive revenue. The reason for this is people want to feel special. They want to feel that they're valued, that your brand cares about them and that their requests are taken seriously, even if they're made online.

A customer-focused brand that listens to its buyers can also minimize buyer friction throughout the entire shopping experience. This means that the feedback loop has a quicker turn-around time than using an outside reviewer as it's direct.

Once you've positioned your brand to create better customer experiences through a concierge, you can open up new avenues for revenue. 

From providing personalized product suggestions to giving customers access to exclusive sales, your concierge can keep shoppers engaged and excited about the products and services you offer.

Personalized Texting Campaigns

You may be wondering at this point, "how do you scale an initiative like this?" Scaling two-way SMS communications with Humankind is simple.

Our customer product experts say that they can handle more than 20 customer interactions at once, so they can grow with your brand and support the personalization effort at scale. This also makes it easy to create campaigns that engage customers on an individual level with tailored messages that can be automated or sent in real time.

The eCommerce business is getting more saturated as new brands try to compete in the global marketplace. This means that customers expect a higher level of service than ever before and are comparing their experience to everyone else in your space.

SMS Solutions Provide All The Information Your Customers May Need During Their Shopping Experience

Conversational commerce has become the leading way of providing a personalized customer shopping experience for high-consideration products. It's also one of the best ways for retailers to differentiate themselves from their competitors and provide a more personalized shopping experience.

The use of SMS solutions has enabled customers to get the information they need quickly when making a purchase decision - enabling them to ask questions about products or services and get answers in real-time.

For example, customers with allergies to certain fabrics, coatings, or materials need to know if the product is compatible with their body before making a purchase, and they can quickly get this information with an SMS solution. This is also helpful for customers who need to know if a product comes in their preferred size or color, as well as those who might need more detailed instructions on how to care for the item.

SMS solutions are beneficial for online retailers because they provide answers to customer inquiries faster and more efficiently. Questions like product availability, promotions, product reviews, shipment times, and many more  - are all possible with a simple text through Humankind's concierge software.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide customers with a better customer experience that engages them and builds long-term relationships - with Humankind's Online Concierge Software you can do just that – book your demo to see how we can help create personalized shopping experiences for your customers today!

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