Maximizing Sales with eCommerce Personalization Software
July 20, 2023

Maximizing Sales with eCommerce Personalization Software

Delivering a tailored and personalized shopping experience to customers is essential for embracing the potential of your eCommerce website, and this can be achieved by leveraging the best eCommerce personalization software around.

This advanced tool uses real-time data and customer behavior analysis to provide online shoppers with personalized recommendations, enhancing their journey on your eCommerce site.

In this article, we’ll dive into how eCommerce personalization platforms can boost sales through tailored content and experiences. We'll explore how product pages can be customized based on browsing habits and user interaction, leading to increased purchase intent among high-value customers.

We'll also touch upon marketing automation's role in tailoring pricing and offers for enhanced customer engagement. You'll learn about dynamic content blocks that make greeting first-time store visitors more effective and prompt them to transition to the most powerful platform for communication - SMS.

From rewarding techniques for loyal customers such as up-selling & cross-selling strategies to winning back cart abandoners through ad retargeting - you'll see what the concepts of eCommerce personalization and the platforms that support it can do for your brand.

Next, we’ll talk through insights on choosing the right vendor for implementing an e-commerce personalization software solution while overcoming common data challenges faced by new consumers.

Lastly, we’ll discuss ROI maximizing strategies using complete consumer journey targeting tools along with manual and automated algorithmic decisions aimed at increasing overall strategy efficiency. So let’s dive in!

What is eCommerce Personalization Software?

eCommerce personalization software is a powerful tool to deliver engaging and personalized experiences for online shoppers. It uses real-time data to analyze customer behavior, allowing eCommerce brands to generate highly targeted recommendations that drive sales up.

Humankind is one of the market leaders currently. The platform enables a retailer's product experts and personal shoppers to connect 1:1 with customers to deliver excellent shopping experiences - and this is just one of the many personalization solutions available today.

eCommerce personalization platforms provide an array of tools for marketing automation and segmentation that enable companies to deliver tailored experiences in a consistent manner. It helps increase user engagement by delivering dynamic content to the right users at the right time.

How is personalization used in e-commerce?

Personalization in e-commerce tailors online shopping experiences based on individual customer preferences, behaviors, and history, including product recommendations, dynamic content blocks, marketing automation, and reward techniques.

Why is personalization in e-commerce important?

E-commerce personalization enhances user interaction by providing tailored offers, increasing engagement rates, and establishing the e-commerce brand's competitive edge by offering unique shopping experiences for each customer.

What are personalization and customization in e-commerce?

Personalization tailors digital interactions based on consumer behavior, while customization allows customers to alter their experience according to their needs.

The Power of eCommerce Personalization Software

In the highly competitive - some would even say the "cutthroat" world of e-commerce, personalization is the name of the game. Brands looking to connect with customers, especially during high-consideration decisions, must deliver relevant and personalized experiences to drive better engagement rates to win high-margin sales.

eCommerce personalization software can be used to understand exactly what a customer wants and to provide product recommendations tailored to customers’ needs. It can also showcase products that you believe are relevant to the customer’s situation and would fit their personal taste.

Let's look at an example of this. Cascadia Vehicle Tents primarily sells Overlanding goods like tents and camp chairs for people who love to explore the outdoors and have the disposable income to build or rent a vehicle that's highly capable offroad.

However, buying a rooftop tent that fits your vehicle, works with your current rack, and is within your vehicle manufacturer's weight specifications, not to mention all the other factors like weather, terrain, and cost come into play when selecting the right tent for your needs.

Thanks to eCommerce personalization software, Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) begins with a customer quiz that's passed on to a personal shopper. The quiz will collect all of the details so that the personal shopper can serve as a product expert and help the customer find what they need quickly.

The software they chose was Humankind - and our platform allows CVT to deliver beautifully designed customized landing pages based on customers' preferences with simple one-click add-to-cart options that allow customers to make purchases quickly and efficiently. We can also look back at previous conversations to see browsing habits, personal shopper interactions, past purchases, and more - enabling customers to find the right product quickly.

This increases purchase intent among high-value customers which can be further enhanced through a customized pricing strategy that's tailored to each customer's budget.

By leveraging eCommerce personalization software, Cascadia Vehicle Tents has been able to increase sales and build stronger relationships with its customers. It’s an example of what the power of personalized experiences can do for an eCommerce business, and it’s just one example of what can be achieved with eCommerce personalization software. 

You can read more about their results, including an AOV bump of more than 45%, in our Case study with their team!

Boosting Sales Through Personalized Experiences

Boosting sales is the primary benefit of personalization. E-commerce personalization software helps increase sales by providing a more relevant and engaging shopping experience for each customer - as we showcased in the previous sections.

This increase could be through product recommendations or bundles based on browsing history or it could be achieved by offering special deals tailored to their interests. Either way, delivering personalized experiences encourages shoppers to come back and shop again which in turn drives repeat purchase rates, and those are good for the bottom line.

Something we won't talk about much today, but that's worth looking into is "dynamic content blocks." Dynamic content blocking is a powerful solution for introducing first-time visitors to the store and prompting them to transition from their initial touchpoints with your brand (email, social media, web search) into more powerful forms of communication such as SMS.

SMS is the most powerful platform for communication because it reaches users in real-time. This allows personalized messages to be sent that include product or service recommendations, discounts, and more - all tailored to the user's interests.

Using dynamic content blocks on your website is a great way to move customers from visitors to engaged users.

Improving Customer Engagement with Tailored Content

Improving customer engagement and customer satisfaction should be one of your primary goals as an e-commerce brand and tailoring your contact to the preferences of your audience is one of the primary ways to accomplish this.

Whether it's utilizing personal shoppers, sending out targeted emails, personalized website content, or displaying customized web pages, personalized content resonates better with users, leading to increased conversions.

Establishing A Competitive Edge With E-Commerce Personalization 

Let's talk about the competition for a moment - because it's fierce. Last time I checked, there are just over 2.5 million eCommerce stores in the U.S. alone. 2.5 million.

That means there's at least one e-commerce store for every 10,000 people in the U.S. That's a lot of competition to stand out from.

That's why you need to establish a competitive edge with eCommerce personalization software - so that your customers can experience tailored shopping experiences that are similar to what they'd get if they were talking to an actual product expert or shopping with you in person.

This is especially important for high-consideration purchases such as furniture, electronics, and apparel where customers want to be assured that they are getting the best deal for their money. ECommerce personalization software can help by providing tailored product recommendations and pricing strategies.

By leveraging the power of personalized experiences through eCommerce personalization software, you can differentiate yourself from other top e-commerce sites and businesses and create experiences tailored to each customer's individual needs, thus strengthening relationships with shoppers and promoting brand loyalty.

Implementing eCommerce Personalization through Product Recommendations

E-commerce personalization is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance the online shopping experience - but you knew that, we've been lauding the benefits of personalization since you began reading this article.

One effective way to implement this strategy in e-commerce stores is by aligning product recommendations with customers' browsing habits. This approach not only creates a more personalized and engaging user experience but also fosters purchase intent among high-value customers.

Aligning product recommendations with browsing habits

By analyzing customer data such as search queries, page views, and purchase history, businesses can offer tailored product suggestions and deliver personalized experiences and messages that resonate with individual preferences. 

This level of personalization enhances customer satisfaction while increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Generate interest in buying for customers with high purchasing power.

High-value customers are those who have demonstrated their willingness to make significant or frequent purchases - Offering them a personalized experience and product recommendations aligned with their interests and needs, businesses can stimulate further buying interest - thereby maximizing potential profits from these key consumer segments.

Marketing Automation for Personalized eCommerce

Online retail has been revolutionized by marketing automation, allowing online businesses to customize pricing based on various factors such as customer operating systems, age, job title/income level, or general buyer profile. This personalization not only enhances user interaction but also boosts sales and customer loyalty.

Tailoring Pricing with Marketing Automation

Several eCommerce personalization tools allow you to personalize pricing to your users. You can assign different product prices to specific user segments, giving them a unique offer that fits their needs. In short, this means that you can set different pricing strategies for loyal customers and new entrants in your market or those who are more price-sensitive.

For example, if you're running an online store selling sneakers, you could create a segment for people who have previously purchased from the store, and offer them a lower price for the same product than those who have never purchased from you before. This type of marketing can increase repeat purchase rates that maximize sales and increase the customer lifetime value (CLV) of your customers.

Enhancing User Interaction with 1:1 Human Connection

One trend that’s gaining popularity is the ability to talk to product experts 1:1 while making high-consideration purchase decisions. This is the ultimate form of personalized marketing as it allows the customer to feel like more than a number.

The best way to achieve this level of personalization is conversational commerce software - we’ll talk more about this in a later section, but suffice it to say, there’s only one platform on the market that allows your brand the enhanced user experience interactions that your customers crave. 

The effectiveness of this approach is backed up by hard data too. PwC did a recent study of online shoppers and found that 8 out of 10 wanted more human interaction in the purchase experience… and they were willing to pay more for it!

Dynamic Content Blocks in eCommerce Personalization Software

To stay competitive in the e-commerce industry, personalization is key - and web personalization and dynamic content blocks - a feature that displays different types of content depending on visitor segments - provide a great way to tailor the customer experience.

Take Amazon, for example. They're the king of dynamic content blocks. When you arrive on their website, Amazon's personalized product recommendations based on your past behavior and purchases welcome you. It's almost like they possess some sort of uncanny insight into your behavior.

But it's not just about product suggestions. Dynamic content blocks can also be used for tailored blog posts or relevant promotions to create an engaging customer experience. The goal is to make every interaction count by providing value at each customer touchpoint throughout.

Greeting First-Time Visitors Effectively

A warm welcome can set the tone for future interactions. Consider offering exclusive discounts or free shipping as part of your greeting strategy to entice new customers. It's like rolling out the red carpet for them.

Imagine being greeted by a personal shopper who can walk you through a tailored shopping experience that's personalized to your needs - how would that make you feel?

Now, apply that to your customers - How do you want your customers to feel when they first land on your site? This feeling is communicated through everything they see, every interaction they have with your personal shoppers, chatbots,  or any agent of your brand.

Every interaction you have with customers is an opportunity to provide them with a positive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Prompt Newsletter Signup Using Dynamic Content Blocks

Newsletters are an effective tool for keeping customers abreast of upcoming deals, fresh offerings, or company news. Use dynamic content blocks to prompt sign-ups strategically throughout your website without being intrusive. It's like having a personal assistant reminding them to stay in the loop.

However, implementation requires careful consideration and testing. What works well for one brand may not necessarily work well for another due to varying consumer behaviors across industries and demographics. Check out HubSpot's guide on the best eCommerce and personalization solutions around for more insights into how brands can leverage these strategies effectively.

Reward Techniques for High-Value Customers

Identifying and rewarding high-value customers is essential for businesses to thrive in the highly competitive eCommerce environment. Strategies like up-selling and cross-selling can be particularly effective in this regard.

Up-Selling: Encourage Customers to Level Up

Up-selling involves encouraging customers to purchase a higher-end product or add-on than what they initially planned to buy. This not only increases the transaction value but also enhances customer satisfaction by offering them superior products and key features that better meet their needs. Shopify's guide on up-selling provides excellent insights into implementing this strategy effectively.

Cross-Selling: Suggest Complementary Products

Cross-selling suggests additional products that complement the customer's current selection. It helps increase average order values while providing a more comprehensive shopping experience for your customers.

Recommending additive products to your customers is one of the best ways to drive average order values (AOV) up by 40, or even 50%. (our customers see +/-45% on average)...

Personalization: Targeting High-consideration Customers

These techniques are especially useful when targeting customers making large purchases - and those who frequently engage with your brand.

One of the most powerful benefits of the platform we’re going to talk about in the next section is the ability to cross-sell, and up-sell relevant products to what the customer is already looking for. 

This personalization strategy is key to increasing average order values (AOV) which dramatically decreases your cost to acquire a customer. If you think about your customer’s needs as the driving force behind their purchases, you can foster stronger relationships with these valuable (highly profitable) clients while boosting overall sales figures.

Humankind's Conversational Commerce Software: An Example of an Effective eCommerce Personalization Tool

Humankind's Conversational Commerce Software is a prime example of an effective, e-commerce personalization tool - but we're a little biased since we built it.

After studying more than 1,000,000 customer/ brand interactions we devised four key steps to creating personalized customer experiences:

1. Gathering Rich Customer Data

2. Analyzing Customer Behavior

3. Creating Profiles that include real customer conversations.

4. Serving each client with tailored recommendations and offers based on their individual needs and preferences on beautifully designed custom landing pages.

Our software offers an extensive set of the best e-commerce personalization tools and capabilities, including the ability to see real conversations with customers. What better way to get customer feedback on products, quality of service, and the purchase experience than talking to an actual buyer of your products?

Choosing the Right Vendor and Overcoming Data Challenges in eCommerce Personalization Implementation

Implementing e-commerce platform personalization tools is often considered a complex process that requires careful consideration and thorough planning. 

However, implementing Humankind is easy. 

The big question is where do you want to have personal interactions with your customers? As one of the best e-commerce platform personalization tools, we’ve created an ecosystem that allows you to generate 1:1 human conversations with your customers - this shift from traditional workflow automation tools and chatbots to distinctly human connection pays dividends in the future – and the rich customer data that you collect will allow you a greater understanding of your customer’s needs.

Tackling the "Not-Enough-Data" Problem Posed by New Consumers

One way to overcome this challenge is through effective data collection strategies such as surveys or quizzes aimed at understanding consumer behavior better. Big data analytics can also help identify patterns and trends among your existing customers too, enabling you to tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

Maximizing ROI with Complete Consumer Journey Targeting

To maximize ROI, personalization software should be employed to target the entire consumer journey from awareness to loyalty. And one way to do that is by using personalization software that targets the complete consumer journey. This means taking into account every stage of the journey, from awareness to loyalty, and using a combination of manual and automated algorithmic decisions to boost your personalization strategy's efficacy.

For years the eCommerce purchase experience for most customers has been DIY and lacking in personalization - but there are many industries where this doesn’t work. 

For example – Haircare. 

As humans, our hair holds significant importance when it comes to crafting our own distinct style. It's undeniable that it plays a crucial role in defining how we present ourselves to the world - 

But there are quite literally millions of haircare products - and many of them market themselves as one-size-fits-all solutions.

However, that is not possible because everyone's hair is unique, varying in many ways. Some hair is colored, some are curly, and some are thick or thin – and these differences mean that customers need to be able to find the right product for them - which isn’t always easy.

When the team at OLAPLEX Haircare began looking for a solution that would allow their trained product experts to help customers easily find the right hair care solution for their unique needs, they knew they needed a platform that could:

  1. Collect customer data and preferences through quizzes and surveys.
  2. Identify any unique traits in the customer’s hair or challenges that they’d like to solve.
  3. And, provide curated product recommendations on beautifully designed landing pages that were tailored to their customer's needs…

They turned to Humankind

Our Conversational Commerce Software empowered their team to do all of these things while building connections between their product experts and the brand.

And this approach has paid off!

By connecting customers with genuine human experts who offer precise and tailored product recommendations, customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) increased dramatically to 4.94 (out of 5). Check out our case study with OLAPLEX to read more about their results!

This 1:1 connected approach goes beyond identifying segments and understanding customers' needs, it helps to build relationships with them. This is what drives conversions and builds loyalty over the long term.

In Conclusion...

Boost your e-commerce sales with personalized experiences using eCommerce personalization software that offers product recommendations, various email marketing and marketing channels, automation, dynamic content blocks, and reward techniques for high-value customers.

Investing in the best eCommerce platforms and personalization software is essential for any enterprise company's successful e-commerce business strategy to stay ahead of the competition in the online marketplace.

To see how Humankind can help you create an excellent eCommerce customer experience through 1:1 human connection and better data, book your demo, today! You owe it to your business and customers to deliver an exceptional online shopping experience.

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