How Great is Your CX?
October 7, 2022

How Great is Your CX?

There are many challenges facing e-commerce today.  And I’m not talking about the supply chain backlog. We’ve all heard enough about that and we all are dealing with it on a daily basis. 😊 Obviously, other challenges exist too - challenges like driving customers to your site or making sure you can track your orders appropriately or providing great customer support and more.

But today, I want to talk about another important challenge for e-commerce sites: having great customer experience (CX) to set themselves apart.  

According to Forbes, “providing superior customer experience is swiftly becoming the priority for brands attempting to differentiate themselves from their competition.”  Forget trying to undercut your competitors with better prices, sales or promotions. Beat them with stellar CX instead.  

This same article goes on to say that “brands are laser-focused on customer experience right now, partly because they know people will pay more for great experiences. Another major factor is that they understand that experience includes building trust…”

Here’s how you can build a truly great, customized CX with Humankind to drive sales and build trust.  First, your customer comes to your site.  They fill out a short questionnaire.  That information then gets sent to your brand experts. Lastly, your brand experts connect with your customer via SMS to provide a short, intimate consultation to fully understand their needs. Very specific and accurate recommendations are then given to your customer.  

That first interaction is only the beginning.  It opens the door to continuing one-of-a-kind, personalized shopping experiences in the future. Your customer gets a human that learns about them and is there for the entire journey, creating personalized CX.  And, your brand experts are able to build robust 1:1 relationships. 

Stand out from the competition.  Give the best CX to every single customer.  Build trust and loyalty to drive repeat sales.  Do that all with Humankind easily.

About Annie Bogigian Keller:

Starting her career in media, Annie excelled at leading marketing campaigns for local radio and TV companies. After moving to the Bay Area, she transitioned her skills and passion for marketing over to the B2B SaaS sector where she garnered even more experience and knowledge as one does working in startups in Silicon Valley.

When she's not busy marketing, Annie enjoys gardening, after getting her Master Gardener certificate from Purdue University in 2019. She's also passionate about rescuing dogs and adores her two rescue pups, Lemmy and Milton. She also loves giving recommendations for wine from California.

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