Conversational Commerce: For Humans, Not Bots
October 7, 2022

Conversational Commerce: For Humans, Not Bots

Conversational commerce is reshaping ecommerce.  And thank goodness.  It's about time we remove the chat bots that ultimately end up annoying a lot of us.  It's time we put the human touch back into commerce. Conversations between humans is the backbone to conversational commerce.

If you’re like me, the second you sniff out an automated bot, your gazelle-like reflex springs into action and you type “customer service” into the chat window as quickly as you can.  Simply put, bots are fine for rudimentary use cases, but they just don’t work for anything behind a simple question.  They don’t garner the same trust as a real emotive human expert.  They also cannot handle unstructured conversations, or questions that may entail nuance and multiple parts.

B&M stores rely on human interaction to help inform customers, make transactions, establish loyalty and create relationships that would drive customers back to their stores time and time again.  But how do you translate that same experience, trust and connection to ecommerce, knowing that bots don’t do that?

Easy.  You let Humankind put humans back in touch with your customers using conversational commerce.  Your brand experts are able to connect digitally with your customers in a streamlined, simple way that is scalable.  Your customers are able to have a conversation with your brand experts via text messages, not chat bots or AI.  These conversations build trust, brand loyalty and strong relationships that are long-lasting.  And the first sale that transpires is just the beginning.

This bespoke, customized end to end experience is ongoing.  Customers will always be able to text their brand expert to get more recommendations, follow up on past purchases and find out new information, and make more purchases.  The conversation between humans, not bots, has no expiration date.

Your customers are able to build long-lasting 1:1 relationships with your best brand experts, through conversational commerce via SMS easily with Humankind.  Want to find out more or see Humankind in action?  Book your demo today. 

About Annie Bogigian Keller:

Starting her career in media, Annie excelled at leading marketing campaigns for local radio and TV companies. After moving to the Bay Area, she transitioned her skills and passion for marketing over to the B2B SaaS sector where she garnered even more experience and knowledge as one does working in startups in Silicon Valley.

When she's not busy marketing, Annie enjoys gardening, after getting her Master Gardener certificate from Purdue University in 2019. She's passionate about rescuing dogs and adores her two rescue pups, Lemmy and Milton.

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