July 31, 2023

Fine Fragrance leader, NEST New York, invests to create a differentiated eCommerce experience

About NEST New York

A pioneer in the fine fragrance category, NEST New York’s collections transform the everyday through scents that transport, inspire and captivate the senses. NEST fragrances are widely distributed and sold in North America both in-store and online.

The Challenge

The team at NEST New York was looking for a way to differentiate their website experience. They wanted to give shoppers a unique and compelling reason to buy at nestnewyork.com. 

NEST New York knew the first challenge to solve was to help shoppers understand the product, and the catalog. The second step is to create an unparalleled, personalized eCommerce experience that felt welcoming, warm, to get shoppers to come buy confidently with NEST.

Looking to replicate the in-store experience online, they needed to understand who the shopper was buying for, the occasion, the scent preference, the product type, and how all of these preferences come together to deliver the right product assortment for each customer. The process should also create buyer confidence, reduce friction at checkout, and deliver a world-class experience. 

Core Criteria for Evaluation 

When considering this new experience, NEST New York knew that they wanted to incorporate the human element as a way to set NEST apart from competitors. When exploring a human-centric experience, the ability to scale was also top of mind. 

They thought this human element should complement their bespoke product selection and work in tandem to not only yield a refined customer experience, but more revenue for the company.

NEST New York also prioritized a quick and efficient onboarding, integrating easily with all their systems. The NEST New York Team partnered with Humankind to bring this differentiated eCommerce experience to life. 

Today’s View

Customers who utilize the Humankind experience have higher AOV and customer satisfaction scores than those who do not go through the Humankind process on the website. Shoppers who are using Humankind powered conversations have +12% higher AOV than non-Humankind customers. 

NEST New York is leaning into Conversational Commerce with Humankind and has committed to:

Increasing the number of experts from their team

Participating in advanced software and platform training

Further optimizing their questionnaire and onboarding funnel

Working to improve the overall experience

According to Andrea Moore, Chief Digital Officer, “Feedback from our shoppers has been very positive, … Humankind has worked very closely with us to deliver a unique experience customized to our customers and their goals. We’re excited about actively evolving our partnership in our next phase of working together.”

NEST New York is reaping the rewards of being an early adopter in the Conversational Commerce space. They’re differentiating and delivering on experience. To learn more about Humankind or how to get started visit www.gethumankind.com.

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