A Concierge Experience for Every Customer

It’s time to deliver something different — Enhance customer experience by connecting real human experts with customers via SMS.

Embrace the human side of commerce

The #1 platform for scaling connection between real product experts with online shoppers via SMS.

Sparking over 1 million relationships for customer-first brands

How it Works

Step 1

Promotion and Personalized Questionnaire

CX differentiators are critical for eCommerce brands, especially where competition for new customers is high. The first step is to create awareness of the ability to text with an Expert from your brand. Our team will advise you where these promotional placements work best.

Once a shopper clicks on the promotion, they're taken to an on-brand questionnaire where we can gather information quickly.

The survey will help the brand-based expert make thoughtful, educated suggestions for the shopper. This information is also stored as zero party data and can be used for future segmentation and personalization across your tech stack.

Step 2

Real-Time, 2-Way SMS Engagement

Based on the questionnaire, the expert, through SMS, will begin to create a meaningful relationship with the shopper and determine the best recommendations for them. The recommendations are handpicked, curated, products which will be displayed via a personalized, digital catalog.

The shopper will be able to view product details, as well as custom commentary from their brand-based expert. These products can then be selected by the shopper and added directly to their cart.

Step 3

Post Purchase Engagement

In eCommerce, often times the journey ends with the transaction - but it shouldn’t. Insert paradigm shift here.

With text "the line is always hot", shoppers can easily stay close with their experts, stretching LTV with subsequent conversations and most of all, purchases.

Leverage our suite of marketing automation capabilities to help your experts get the job done, easily and scalably.

Who Uses Humankind

Andrea Moore

SVP of digital, ecommerce, consumer insights with NEST New York

“Humankind truly puts the customer front and center. The technology has allowed NEST New York to provide a premium, concierge-like shopping experience that our customers love engaging with. This is the level of personalization and attention that today’s shoppers are increasingly demanding.”

Dustin Hansen

Director of Customer Experience for Gathr Outdoors

"The onboarding process with Humankind was fantastic. They handled so much in the process, allowing us to "go live" quickly and efficiently. We saw nearly immediate results, to both conversion lift and our AOV. Humankind has without a doubt become an integral part of our mix."

Matt Blonder

President, Global eCommerce at Wolverine World Wide

"Humankind’s platform offers a scalable, simple and much-needed solution; they have created an innovative way to bring the in-person shopping experience online. Above all else, the platform provides an exceptional shopping experience for our deeply valued consumers. I haven’t been this excited about a new piece of e-commerce technology in quite some time."

For people who care about producing predictable conversion

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